Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stanford looking for a BCS Bowl Game


Stanford (11-1), fresh off a shutout against Oregon State, is No. 4 with one week to go in the season. Should Stanford finish at No. 5 or lower, it would be in danger of getting left out altogether because its fans generally don't flock to long distance bowl sites. As long as the Cardinal don't fall when the final standings are released next week -- and there's no good reason why they would -- one of the bowls will be forced to take them.

I love that last line: "forced to take them".  I guess that's the way East Coast writers think about Stanford.  Nobody wants them around, but you have to admit they're a good team.  The Cardinal may have problems filling their own stadium for home games (that's a long story), but I have no doubt that Stanford will be able to sell out their allotment of tickets to whatever bowl game takes them.  If you're running a bowl game, don't you want a team with a high-powered offense and a suspect defense?  I thought everyone liked high scoring games on TV.

If South Carolina somehow manages to defeat #1 Auburn, that moves TCU into the National Championship Game against Oregon, and opens up the Rose Bowl for Stanford.  It's more likely that TCU will end up in the Rose Bowl under the special non-automatic-qualifier preference that they're using for the first time this season.  Either the Orange Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl will then be forced to take Stanford.  Personally, I'm thinking Orange.  We'll find out on December 5.

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