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Slides from Clojure/conj

Why Fantom?

Fantom wants to be the next Java, which means it's competing directly with Scala.  I haven't heard much about Fantom, but it sound like it would be worth a look for Java fans.  (Of course, Clojure is the future for serious programmers.  :-)

Fantom is designed as a practical programming language to make it easy and fun to get real work done. It is not an academic language to explore bleeding edge theories, but based on solid real world experience. During its design we set out to solve what we perceived were some real problems with Java and C#.

Stephen Colebourne's "Guide to evaluating Fantom":

Brian Frank's article in Dr. Dobbs:

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Stephen Colebourne's blog: Scala feels like EJB 2, and other thoughts

I don't know Scala. By reputation, it's supposed to be a "better Java".  Here's a prominent Java programmer who doesn't like Scala:

Personally, I'm committed to Clojure, but I think we all can learn from other languages and their critics.

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UnConj review

Like many great conference, the story of the 2011 Conj wasn't limited to the regularly scheduled program. In fact, some of the most meaningful conversations and demoes occurred in between talks and after hours. In this post I'll discuss some of the interesting side discussions that I participated in or heard of secondhand.

Read the whole thing.

I'll add a comment of my own:  The Friedman and Byrd special session on cKanren was a big hit.  David Nolen deserves some Karma points for inviting them to the conference.  Their work is in Scheme, but maybe they'll think about Clojure in the future.  David has ported miniKanren to Clojure (as core.logic), and he plans to do port some of the constraint work from cKanren to core.logic in the future.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Guy Broke Jeopardy's All-Time Record, with an app

Roger Craig is a computer scientist who now holds the single-game record for winnings on Jeopardy.  He wrote an app to train himself to be a better player.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pmetzger forks growl

Forked version of Growl, bringing the "open" back into the formerly open source project.  The forker was banned from the official Growl mailing list.  (That seems a bit heavy-handed to me.)

I forked the Growl sources largely because Growl 1.3, available only on the Mac App Store, seemed to fail very badly for most of the people who installed it (including me), and the growl developers seemed fairly unsympathetic to people's complaints, claiming that there was no way they could have known of the various installer bugs it has, and that the failure of applications using old frameworks to talk to the new growl is the fault of the app developers. The 1.3 distribution also lacks working versions of the various "extras" that were in the past distributed with Growl.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BEFSR41 V3 activating UPnP resets admin password

I wanted to try FaceTime on my Mac but it wasn't working. I found a posting on the internet that said you should enable UPnP on your home router. So I did that and the old Linksys router apparently reset the admin password. After googling around, I found this posting which gave me the work-around to a strange bug. Another posting said to make sure you always re-enter your password when enabling UPnP and you'll be OK. I didn't change it (expecting it to remain unchanged). The default behavior replaced the password with garbage. Fortunately, it's consistent garbage so you can recover...

> Re: BEFSR41 V3 activating UPnP [ Edited ]
> 01-15-2008 01:09 PM - last edited on 01-15-2008 01:37 PM
>> I keep running into this problem too. Didn't know what caused
> it at first but it is VERY annoying. I didn't want to have to
> reset my router and reconfigure all my settings again, so I
> had a dig around too and found that it sets the password to
> something weird as LowTek mentions in his post.
>> For future reference for anyone else running into this issue
> the password it always seems to set appears to be :
>>> d 6 n w 5 v l x 2 p c 7 s t 9 m & # 6 5 5 3 3 ;
>> (without the spaces - sorry this forum doesn't format it correctly and it doesn't allow html formatting)
>> This is regardless of what password was previously set so it
> is not some encrypted form of the old password.
>> Hope this helps someone.

You can copy and paste this -- no spaces:d6nw5vlx2pc7st9m�

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