Friday, May 7, 2010

History of St. Christopher's Parish in San Jose

Someone should write a history of St. Christopher's Parish in San Jose.  My grandmother, Aileen Miner, was a founding member of the parish, but I don't know much about the early days in the 1950s.  There's a page for the history of the school, which gives September 1955 as the opening date of the school.  The current church was finished in 1957.  The original church building was taken over by the school at that time.  I believe that Msgr. Healy was the original priest.  He was the longtime pastor when I was growing up.  Msgr. Norman Allen took over as pastor after the death of Msgr. Healy.  Msgr. James Walsh has been pastor for many years.  He is planning to retire this summer and return to his native Ireland.  Fr. Walsh had been an associate priest at St. Chris when I was a student there in the 1970s. Everyone loves him and wishes him all the best in his retirement.  He will be missed. I have been informed that the next pastor will be Fr. Wifredo Manrique, known as "Fr. Willie".  I look forward to meeting him on my next visit.

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