Thursday, May 26, 2011

Announcing SproutCore 2.0 Developer Preview

“Web-style” applications, such as GitHub and New Twitter, provide rich functionality while still retaining the feel and layout of a traditional web page. SproutCore’s strong MVC architecture and bindings make it significantly easier to build these kinds of apps than other lightweight frameworks, but developers also have to opt-in to SproutCore’s view layer that includes many features these kinds of applications don’t need.

Today we’re announcing SproutCore 2.0: a rebuilt SproutCore, designed from the ground up to support every kind of web application. SproutCore 2.0 is highly modular and decoupled, allowing you just to opt in to the features you need.

We’ve been working hard on SproutCore 2.0 and today we are releasing our first milestone: SproutCore 2.0 Developer Preview, designed for developers who want to create web-style apps and don’t need the features of SproutCore 1.6′s view layer.

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