Tuesday, November 8, 2011

pmetzger forks growl

Forked version of Growl, bringing the "open" back into the formerly open source project.  The forker was banned from the official Growl mailing list.  (That seems a bit heavy-handed to me.)


I forked the Growl sources largely because Growl 1.3, available only on the Mac App Store, seemed to fail very badly for most of the people who installed it (including me), and the growl developers seemed fairly unsympathetic to people's complaints, claiming that there was no way they could have known of the various installer bugs it has, and that the failure of applications using old frameworks to talk to the new growl is the fault of the app developers. The 1.3 distribution also lacks working versions of the various "extras" that were in the past distributed with Growl.

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